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We assist international companies in starting, running, and developing their businesses in Serbia.

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Expanding to new markets is often a challenging endeavor that requires substantial research and planning. Success does not just happen – it has to be well prepared. Competently executed, entering a new market is a manageable way to drive corporate growth.

Market entry mode

Market entry services

Start with an in-depth market analysis to understand the local market environment.

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Localization services

Adapt your products and marketing content to the requirements of the new market.

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Market positioning

Determine where your business stands in the market and how to attract more customers.

Market entry consulting

A sound market entry strategy maximizes your chances of success when moving into a new market. Understanding where the possibilities and risks lie, the size of each opportunity, and what competitors are doing will provide you the confidence to make proper market entry decisions.

Localization services

Effective localization can be the difference between the success and failure of your marketing efforts. Localization does not only means translating your written message to any other language. It means adjusting your tone, look, and feel for your new target market. So, before you launch into a market expansion, select the localization service first.

Positioning solutions

The strategic marketing process involves conducting research and setting goals and objectives that will maximize the efficiency and success of your performance in a new market. This process helps you to be more intentional in marketing. You will be able to ensure that you have targeted the right audience with the right offer.

About us

We are connecting the dots between developing a winning market entry and positioning strategy, establishing the local business operations in Serbia, and creating resonating marketing content. Our approach relies on our years of experience in practicing sales and marketing for large international companies.


Dragan Vidaković

Dragan conducted the market entry and managed sales and marketing operations in Serbia for several successful international companies. Uses the acquired knowledge and experience to create practical business and promotional solutions.


Gordana Batas Adamov

Gordana is a master of economics and international marketing. She is a strategic brand developer with over two decades of experience in launching, building, and improving brand awareness of domestic and international companies.

If there is a demand for your products or services, entering the Serbian market increases your consumer reach and builds your brand name while driving revenue streams.