Market entry services and solutions

Market entry can be a very challenging endeavor. We help expansion companies assess the opportunities and develop a plan to minimize the risks and costs when entering the Serbian market.

Time to start something new?

Entering new markets represents new opportunities. Apart from gaining new customers, you may have access to technologies, labor pools, or industrial ecosystems aligned with your organizational goals. It builds your brand name and gives you a reputational edge.


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Setting up

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Market entry services

A market entry strategy is a tool for clarifying what you aim to achieve and how to achieve it when entering a new market. Using a structured, quantitative and practical approach, we assess the attractiveness and possibilities and evaluate whether the opportunity is realistic for the client to expand into the Serbian market.

Market entry consulting

Market assessment services

Our market assessment starts after having gained an understanding of your current goals and plans in the market. Depending on your objectives, we can perform the activities to gain valuable market insights and help you define your market entry strategy:

  • We provide you with information, such as indications of the market size, market trends and requirements, typical customers, appropriate sales and distribution channels, competitive environment, relevant media, and events.
  • Market insight about requirements, such as certifications and approvals, and possible obstacles to market entry.
  • We can test the perception of your products or services among end-users and other market participants. In this way, you get valuable local feedback.

Market entry mode

A critical step when expanding to a new market is selecting the best market entry mode for your business. Different approaches all have pros and cons. Deciding which to choose is as much about market insight as to business logic.

The choice of entry route will be dictated by consumer habits, culture, legal status, taxes and tariffs, local business practices, the cooperativeness of potential partners, and more. As a rule of thumb, the less exposure to cost and risk you have, the less control and margin you can secure.

Business structure

When you decide to start your operations, there are multiple types of business entities you can choose to form. They vary based on key considerations, such as the nature of your business activity, what liability protection is needed, and the impact of taxation. Other factors include possible investors, how many owners there are in the company, and some special requests.

Company registration

Setting up a company in Serbia goes relatively fast when the decision on business entity type is made and if all the necessary documents are prepared. Before you register your company, you have to decide about your core activity, the place of the company’s main office, will you pay the WAT, the number of employees, and how to choose the accountant.

Establishing a business entity

We will guide you through the process of settling your business in Serbia. We can also connect you with the right specialists from our network for:

– company registration – legal advises – accounting services – staff recruiting – finding and evaluating office or real estate options.
Establishing office in Serbia

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Whether choosing a location, selecting a company form, devising a market entry strategy or identifying specific risks, the decisions you make at the beginning can have a decisive impact on your future success. We study the market size and growth potential, key demand drivers and relevant trends, and regulatory and competitive environment that could be critical for deciding on market entry strategy.